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Thira (Santorini)

Thira (widely known as Santorini, from Santa Irene) having Fira as both its capital and harbor, is an island carved by the explosion of a well known volcano around 1500 B.C. that most probably destroyed the existent Minoic civilization in Crete.


Built in the crater of a volcano whose eruption remained a known fact by memory 3500 years later, Fira is known for the breathtaking view it offers (thus called "the best balcony of the Aegean"). Without having any great beaches, but by having an interesting history and view, producing excellent wine and providing you with the opportunity to walk on a living and warm volcano on the island of Nea Kameni, as well as to swim in the hot springs located there, Thira is a destination you must visit at least once.



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